Easy-to-drink sake for sake beginners!

Easy-to-drink sake for sake beginners!

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Today's Topic

What is your image of sake?
Is sake

  • Hard to drink?
  • A shot of sake?
  • Too high in alcohol content?
  • Don't know what kind of situation you should drink it in?

Some of you may only drink sake when eating sushi.

Well, here's the good news for you!
SAKURATOWN has a low-alcohol sake that is easy to drink.
Today I would like to introduce some such low-alcohol sake that is easy to drink.

Junmai THE

Low alcohol sake Junmai THE

A very fruity sake, it is hard to believe that it is made entirely from rice. It is so fruity that you could be forgiven for thinking it contains fruit, but only rice is used. By reducing the number of fermentation days of the unrefined spirit compared to normal, the sake is kept at a low alcohol level and the sake remains low (sweet). Usually, low-alcohol sake is forced to lower its alcohol content by adding water or sweet sake, but this sake is kept low in alcohol by keeping it undiluted (no water added). The low alcohol content (7%) makes it very sweet and fruity, but the brewery is most particular about the acidity.
Only sweet sake cannot be drunk for a long time, but this The is 'sweet and sour' and has no unpleasant aftertaste, so it is being marketed as an aperitif or a mid-meal drink, aiming to replace white wine.

We believe that this product has the potential to dispel the image of sake being difficult to drink, getting drunk badly, being expensive, and not tasting good.
We have also designed the label with a mizuhiki, which we hope will be used on festive occasions.

We think that because it is low-alcoholic and fruity, it will be easily accepted by everyone and will suit festive party scenes.
We also Recommended this product be drunk with plum wine.

Sake de Swan

low-alcohol sake sake de swan

The same low-alcohol sake as Junmai The, but tastes similar but different.
Swan is a less sweet sake with a mild sweet and sour taste that is well-balanced, refreshing, and easy to drink.
That's because it is a sake designed to be drunk with food, which is why it is characterized by its excellent mouthfeel and lightness.
If you like sweet sake, try The, if you want a refreshing drink, try Swan.

This sake was created with the idea of creating a new kind of sake for women and people unfamiliar with sake, a sake that no one has ever tasted before.

Sparkling Sake "BUBBLE"

sparkling sake bubble

A very rare sparkling sake made exclusively from Yamada Nishiki.
During the sake mothering process, fermentation is carried out at a lower temperature (2-5°C) than usual (around 10-15°C).
The reason for this is that at lower temperatures, the koji is less active and fermentation itself proceeds more slowly.
By slowing down the fermentation process, the alcohol content is not raised too much, the spiciness is reduced and the aim is to produce sweet and sour sake.
To keep the quality of the sake constant, small quantities are brewed. Fermentation speed, small-quantity brewing, and very labor-intensive sake.
The resulting low-alcohol, sweet and sour sake is then carbonated at the end, making it a very easy-to-drink sake that matches party and festive occasions.


These sakes might be unlike what you might imagine sake to taste like.
Low-alcohol sake tastes sweet and sour, like white wine.

If you drink it with the same sensation as standard sake, you may feel the acidity is too strong. However, this acidity is necessary to make the sweetness of this low-alcohol sake work.
Try this new sake without stereotypes, and you will soon become a captive of low-alcohol sake.

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