The Best Sake For Cozy

Sit back, relax, and sip "Daiginjo The"

It's best to enjoy sake in a relaxed environment.
"Daiginjo The" is a perfect sake to help you unwind as it was created with quality as the first thought.

That becomes apparent when you learn it is made only in small batches by hand, with no machinery involved!

The taste and how it's made will help you appreciate this high-quality bottle of sake even more.

Drink Kamihotoke slowly with friends

Kamihotoke came to life based on a method of sake brewing found in a diary at one of the most famous shrines in Nara related to sake. So, the recipe dates back hundreds of years.

The yeast used for this sake comes from the shrine where the god of sake is enshrined, giving it a mystical feeling steeped in history.

It is different from ordinary sake that you might have tried before. One sip of Kamihotoke will transport you back hundreds of years to when a version of this sake was first produced. The history and taste make it an excellent sake to enjoy with friends so you can share this story with them.

Try Umeko if your prefer liqueurs

If you're under the impression that plum win is always too sweet, then wait until you try Umeko. This plum wine has been made with carefully selected plums to ensure the flavor is rich and has the right acidity.

Another reason it's not overly sweet is that the amount of sugar is kept to a minimum, unlike other sweet plum-based alcoholic beverages. With no artificial flavors added, you'll taste the authentic flavors of each ingredient.

It's ideal for those that like plum wine and liqueurs!

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Why Sakura-Town

Sakura-Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious.

While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality.