The Best Sake for Drink Hot

Drinking hot sake is traditional in Japanese as it can be enjoyed more slowly and is said to be healthier as it's closer to your body's core temperature.When warming sake, the aromas and flavors of the beverage change and get stronger.

If you love rich flavors, try Hotto

Hotto was created primarily to be drunk hot; that's where its name comes from. Some would argue that sake is like rice, that it tastes better warm than cold.

Hot sake is excellent to drink during the colder seasons, although you can also enjoy it in the warmer months.

Notice the change in taste when warming Denimsake

As with all technology, the methods used to brew sake have advanced over the years.

Sake is such an exciting drink as the different brewing methods affect the taste of the final output. Denim Sake is our collaboration with one of the largest denim manufacturers in Japan.

The three denim options available represent different flavors. All are great for drinking hot, and then after, you can use the cute denim pouch however you want.

Benefits of drinking hot sake

Warm your sake to experience new flavors

The graph on the right shows how altering the temperature of the sake changes the taste. When warming sake to around 98.6°F (37°C), the sweetness becomes more prominent and with a reduction in the bitterness, making it easier to drink. The increased sweetness is the most significant characteristic of warm sake.

Less chance of feeling hungover

When drinking chilled sake, you might not be aware of how drunk you are until later, when the feeling hits you all at once. This isn't the case with hot sake as your body starts to absorb the alcohol as you drink it, meaning you get drunk faster, so your body will process it quicker than cold sake.

Traditional sake cups to set the tone

The temperature of sake isn't the only thing that can change the taste. The type of cup can change it too. Traditional sake cups called "ochoko" and the decanter known as a "tokkuri" can enhance the flavor. As well as being beautiful to look at, they also let you experience the authentic taste of the sake you're drinking.

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Why Sakura-Town

Sakura-Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious.

While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality.