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Discover Japanese unique, artisanal sake from breweries that prioritize authenticity and devotion to crafting delectable flavors, undeterred by efficiency or productivity.

Our selection exclusively showcases their passion and commitment to the art of sake brewing.

Here is your perfect Japanese sake!

Fruity Sake

1. Daiginjo The

The brewery wants customer to be amazed by the taste of authentic sake. That is why Daiginjo "The" was created. It is a sake that pursues only deliciousness without concern for productivity. All processes in sake-making involve craftsman’s hands. Even during the coldest winter when snow falls, breweries use their bare hands developed over many years.

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2. Sparkling sake "Bubble"

Bubble was created to allow even those unfamiliar with Japanese sake a chance to enjoy it. Through many trials and errors over a long period of time, it has become a top-quality sake that we can confidently recommend. It is a superb sake that adds color to party scenes and various. important occasions.

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3. Sake de Swan

Born with the need to make premium Japanese sake accessible to everyone, this sake is made using the ultimate rice that can only be grown by a few select farmers and is created using the same methods as the high-end ingredients presented to the Emperor. And also This sake is made with no additives to fully harness the potential of these top-quality ingredients.

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AFAP is a fruity and refreshing sake made only from rice using advanced techniques, which surprises drinkers with its fruity taste upon the first sip. It has a perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavor with a refreshing aftertaste, making it easy to enjoy and great for celebratory parties.

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Dry Sake


The brewery aims to preserve and continue the tradition of Japanese sake-making by valuing the brewers’ love the blessings of nature, and the use of high-quality brewing techniques. Only natural ingredients and the power of nature are used in the entire process, from nurturing the rice in the fields to the meticulous sake production process.

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The three siblings carefully prepare the sake together, eschewing large machinery and maintaining a small-scale approach to ensure everyone's full attention to detail. Efficiency is set aside in favor of heartfelt devotion to the creation of this sake. Kokoro signifies "Heart, Spirit, Soul."

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7. DenimSake

Blessed with abundant sunlight and a warm climate, Okayama Prefecture is home to the elusive Omachi rice used in DenimSake. This environment is also very importan in producing the finest quality denim. This collaboration emerges from these two pinnacle achievements, leaving you pleasantly surprised as you hold it in your hand and taste it for the first time.

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8. Hotto

Hotto was created specifically to be enjoyed warm, and the brewery strongly recommends drinking it that way. This sake is refreshing with a dry taste, and when enjoyed warm, it is delicious. By taking care of each individual grain of rice, the brewery are able to create a sake that naturally brings out the flavor of the rice, resulting in a high-quality sake that tastes even better when warmed.

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Why SakuraTown

Sakura-Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious. While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality.