Sweet-fruity sake
Traditional Japanese snack set

Sweet-fruity sake and Traditional Japanese snack set

2 Sweet Sake
Alchohol: 7-8%

Traditoinal Snacks

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We offer a selection of authentic Japanese snacks that are perfect for pairing with Japanese sake.

Get two random bottles of Japanese sake from AFAP, Bubble, and Sake de Swan!

For those who wish to delve deeper into the world of Japanese sake

Our expert sommeliers have meticulously selected two refreshingly fruity sake and curated an assortment of authentic Japanese appetizers to perfectly complement them. Known as otsumami, these traditional assorted savory treats are specifically designed to elevate your sake experience.

Exclusively available from Sakura Town, indulge in the finest appetizer-sake pairings while enriching your knowledge and appreciation of Japanese sake. It's the perfect way to immerse yourself in the captivating charm of sake while thoroughly enjoying the rich culinary culture of Japan.

What Our Customers Say


All of the sake was excellent and of premium quality.


That's awesome! They were really stoked when I gave them the gift!


Outstanding set of incredible sake! Wish I could re-order already!!!


Splendid complement of different tastes and aromatic fragrances!

Why Sakura-Town

Our goal is to have as many people as possible taste the deliciousness of authentic sake. We believe that sake is a product that deserves a higher reputation and recognition for its value. Sakura Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious. While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality. Once you taste our sake, you will never forget the taste notes and aroma.

Why Sakrua-Town