Pesticide-free Sake "HOTARU" recommended for July: Premium Quality sake

Pesticide-free Sake "HOTARU" recommended for July: Premium Quality sake


Sake of the Month

Thank you for visiting the Sakura Town blog. Today, we would like to introduce "HOTARU," a sake named after the firefly, a poetic name for early summer in Japan.

The name " Hotaru" comes from the English word "firefly". Genji fireflies, which live only in Japan, can only live in clean rivers. Like fireflies, Emperor-Worthy Sake is only complete when it is made with beautiful water.

In addition, because HOTARU is made from completely pesticide-free rice, it is rich in rice nutrients and is recommended for those looking for a health-conscious sake.

Craftsmanship at the Sake Brewery

Hayashi Honten in Gifu Prefecture, which brews Hotaru, did not want to reduce the amount of rice as much as possible because they wanted to make a sake that concentrated the flavor and nutritional value of the rice without pesticides.

The higher the rice polishing ratio of sake, the more difficult it is to bring out the best flavor. However, HOTARU was perfected through the efforts and research of a sake brewery that wanted to produce a sake that is both delicious and healthy. Water is sourced from Kakamigahara City in Gifu Prefecture, which is blessed with the richest forests in Japan and super soft water from the Japanese Alps.

Characteristics of Taste

The aroma of fresh apples spreads to the nose, and the first sip is creamy and soft, like a rich peach.
The smooth taste on the palate is accompanied by a unique richness and umami flavor that makes for a very satisfying drinking experience.
This is a sake that should be enjoyed by those who have never had a completely pesticide-free sake before, as well as by those who have had it before.

More about HOTARU

Volume  720ml
Ingredients Rice, Koji
Area Gifu Prefecture
Alcohol percentage 15%
Classification Junmai
Rice Polishing Ratio (RPR) 80%

Recommended Pairings

While sushi and meat are the primary pairings for HOTARU, there are many other foods and dishes that go well with HOTARU as well.

This type of sake, with its gorgeous aroma and refreshing taste, goes well with light dishes that make the most of the ingredients rather than strong-flavored dishes.
Let us introduce you to the different types of cuisine!

Japanese Cuisine

  • Grilled Salmon
  • Grilled conger eel
  • Tempura of wild vegetables

Western Cuisine

  • White Fish Mousse
  • Steamed scallops with wine
  • Seafood Gratin
  • Avocado and shrimp salad

Chinese Cuisine

  • White fish with sweet-and-sour sauce
  • Deep-fried crab claw
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Stir-fried scallop and broccoli

Italian Cuisine

  • Ratatouille
  • Aligot
  • Seafood Carpaccio
  • Caprese

How do you like it?
Sake is not limited to "HOTARU", but it goes well not only with Japanese cuisine, but also with the local cuisine of many countries!

Please try our "Recommended Pairings" when you enjoy HOTARU. We are sure you will find the perfect pairing for you.

If you have found your own way to enjoy HOTARU in addition to the "Recommended Pairings," please share it with us!

We hope you enjoy the pairing recipes we will be sharing on our blog from now on.

See you again in the next blog!

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