A Small, but Authentic Sake Brewery

A Small, but Authentic Sake Brewery

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In our last blog we wrote about the sake-based liqueurs UMEKO and YUZUKO!
Not only delicious, but also good for beauty and health It is a sake infused with Japanese plums and Japanese yuzu!

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There are no very large sake breweries that make the sake we handle.
There is a reason for this.

Considering quality above all else.

We think it is true that there are many good sake breweries, even large ones.
However, small sake breweries are often made by family members only, or by a very small number of people.
This limits the amount of sake that can be produced at one time.
Because of the small production volume, they have a passion to make truly delicious sake without compromising the time-consuming process.
To be honest, there are many sake breweries that would be content to just consume sake domestically.
We want people all over the world to be able to enjoy our sake because it is made with such care and love.
We are receiving a share from a limited number of production.

They value handworks.

Of course, relying on machines improves efficiency, but just as in the art of sake brewing, there is always something that can only be done by hand.
In the future, there will be more and more convenient systems such as AI functions, but I believe that the humanistic work should be carefully preserved.

Sake that has never been exported overseas

When we visit sake breweries one by one, we find that many of them produce excellent, tasty sake but do not know how to deliver it to people overseas.
And if they have to go through a trading company, they may have to transport a large amount of sake in containers, or they may have to transport sake for a long period of time without temperature control on board a ship, even though the preservation method is very important because quality is the most important thing.
To avoid this, some sake breweries do not export their products overseas.
At Sakura Town Sake Store, we are committed to delivering the highest quality sake to the world.
That's why we ship via DHL to get your sake to you as quickly as possible.


Does your local supermarket carry sake?
We invite you to compare the sake you purchase at the Sakura Town Sake Store.
The difference is obvious.

One of the joys of being an adult is enjoying drinking alcoholic beverages.
As we get older, we want to enjoy quality over quantity!
Please visit our sake store and taste some truly outstanding sake.