-Sparkling sake "Bubble"- Recommended pairing and way to drink on days you feel like refreshing

-Sparkling sake "Bubble"- Recommended pairing and way to drink on days you feel like refreshing

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When you're busy or tired, delicious sake will help you blow away fatigue. Beside for those moments when you would like to feel refreshed, especially on hot summer days, we would like to introduce you to a Japanese sake that will make you refresh.

That’s Japanese sparkling sake!


What‘s sparkling sake?

There are two types of sparkling sake: One is from carbon dioxide gas generated during fermentation in the bottle by a microorganism called yeast, like champagne. The other is the one directly injected with carbon dioxide gas.

Many of them are low-alcohol and easy to drink due to their carbonation, so they are recommended even for those who are not accustomed to drinking Japanese sake.

The refreshing taste of sparkling sake will help you to blow away your fatigue!

While it may not be well known outside of Japan, in Japan, it is getting poplular among people of all ages, especially young people and women.

We would like to introduce our recommended product for such very popular sparkling sake.


Rice Polishing Ratio (RPR) 65%
Classification Junmai
Ingredients Rice, koji, Carbonated water
ALC 8%
Volume 720ml


While retaining the unique sweetness and gorgeous aroma of Japanese sake, it has a delicate flavor that adds the sparkling effervescence and refreshing acidity unique to sparkling sake.

The mellow aroma and faint sweetness of freshly picked apples add color to a luxurious moment.

This is the essence of Bubble, the highest quality sparkling sake made with the king of sakamai, Yamada nishiki.

Craftman's Thought

With the sake brewery's heartfelt desire to create a sake that offers a moderate sweetness and is easily approachable even for those unfamiliar with Japanese sake, they devoted five years of trial and error to bring forth this exceptional masterpiece.

They are particular about the manufacturing process and gurantee high quality by handcrafting small batches of sake without relying on machines, putting in a great deal of effort in the process.

As this sake is carefully crafted with great dedication, the label has been designed to be cute and fresh, with the wish to add a touch of brilliance to special occasions.

This Japanese sake is perfect for special moments like party and anniversary when you want to spend blissful times with your special someone, as well as add a touch of brilliance to those cherished days.

Recommended pairings

"Bubble" is best paired with fruits and meats.
This type of sake with its fruity and acidic taste is a good match for fruits and meats.

This time we would like to introduce a pairing with meat dishes, which we particularly recommend.

【Japanese cuisine】

Pork Ginger Stir-Fry (Buta no Shogayaki)

Japanese Beef and Potato Stew (Nikujaga)

【Western cuisine】

Roast Beef

Chicken Saute

【Chinese cuisine】

 Pepper Steak

Chinese-style fried chicken

【Italian cuisine】



【French cuisine】

tartar steak

duck confit

What do you think? We believe that all of them are familiar to you at home because they are classic meat dishes from various countries.

When you enjoy Bubble, be sure to try our recommended pairings!

Recommended way to drink

Finally, here are some tips on how to drink sparkling sake for the best taste.


The temperature at which the sake is chilled changes the taste of sparkling sake.
Chilling also makes the aftertaste clearer and easier to drink.
It is also recommended to chill the glass at the same time.

「On the rocks」

It is recommended for beginners as well, since adding ice makes the sake go down smoothly.

Pouring all at once will cause the ice to melt and dilute the flavor, so pour a little at a time and enjoy.

「Adding a fruit」

Sparkling sake is delicious enough as it is, but you can also arrange it.

You can also make a stylish cocktail drink by cutting up your favorite fruits such as limes or strawberries, adding them to a glass, and pouring in sparkling sake.
We also recommend adding kiwi or citrus fruits mixed in a blender or frozen fruits.

If you have found your own way to enjoy Bubble except for our recommended pairings and ways to drink, please share it with us!

See you again in the next blog!

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