Sake and Sake Glassware

Sake and Sake Glassware

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Today, We will introduce you all to some sake containers that will help you enjoy your sake much more!
Different sake cups will change the way you feel the taste of sake.
And if you change the sake cup according to the temperature at which you drink sake, you'll be able to appreciate the taste of sake even more!

Tokuri and Ochoko are the well-known sake drinking vessels.
When you think of an Ochoko, you probably think of a white ceramic bottom with a blue double circle painted on it, as shown in the photo above.
This is called "Janome," and the combination of white and blue makes it easy to check the color of the sake and see if it is cloudy, which is why it is widely used for official sake tasting. The combination of white and blue color makes it easy to check the color of sake and its consistency.

Although most people have a strong impression that Ochoko is made of ceramics, there is a surprisingly wide variety of Ochoko made of lacquerware, glass, and even metal such as tin.

The ceramic Ochoko softens the taste of sake, making it perfect for sake with a rich and umami flavor, such as the HOTARU sake sold at Sakura Town.
You can also try heating the sake Tokkuri in hot or warm temperature to enjoy a deeper flavor!

The wooden Masu adds a unique flavor with its wooden aroma. It goes well with sake that has little aroma, such as ordinary sake.

Sake also goes well with thin wine glasses!
The sake's flavor spreads directly to the palate without the presence of the glass.

I hope you will continue to enjoy sake in a variety of glasses.

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