Sparkling Sake "BUBBLE" Released!

Sparkling Sake "BUBBLE" Released!

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What is BUBBLE?
BUBBLE is a new category of sparkling sake that has never been available at the Sakura Town Sake Store before.
Have you ever had sparkling sake?
You might think it would be like champagne, but the answer is not entirely yes.
Champagne is made by fermentation in the bottle, or secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Some of the sparkling sake is of course made using this method of secondary fermentation in the bottle, but the BUBBLE we are introducing here is made by adding carbonation to the sake.

By adding carbonation, it is possible to lead to a stable taste, and the best taste was achieved by adding the optimum amount of carbonation suited to this sake.

BUBBLE has a low alcohol content of 8 percent and is often drunk as a substitute for champagne. Even those who dislike the unique taste and aroma of sake can enjoy sparkling sake.

What makes BUBBLE different from other sparkling sake?
It is made from 100% Yamada-Nishiki, the king of sake rice. The taste and mouthfeel of this sake, which is packed with the flavor of rice, is refreshing and comfortable to drink. Especially on a hot summer day, drinking BUBBLE chilled will give you a cool moment.

The sake brewer told us that it took three years to complete this BUBBLE after many trials and errors.
Sparkling sake is becoming more and more mainstream in Japan. We hope you will try this handmade sparkling sake that is made with love and not mass-produced.

This sparkling sake is a great gift for any occasion, but we also recommend you to bring this sparkling sake to any celebratory occasion to make it a wonderful day!
There are a growing number of occasions where sake can be enjoyed casually. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to enjoy sake.

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