Tips and tricks for trip in Japan Vol.3 "Public Transport"

Tips and tricks for trip in Japan Vol.3 "Public Transport"

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And here we go again with this series “Tips and tricks for trip in Japan”!
Today's theme is for those of you who have made up your minds to travel by train or by bus, not by car.

Japan's railroads are notoriously difficult to change trains.
Even we Japanese often get lost on trains in areas we are not accustomed to.
That's where Google can be useful. Well, you might be thinking, "I don't need this blog then," and you might want to stop and return to it!

However, as you say, the most efficient way to transfer is to Google the way each time. So, we are not going to tell you how to change trains here. Now what special tips do we have to share with you that will help you get a very, very good deal on your train!

In Japan, train fares usually vary from section to section, depending on the distance traveled. The most tedious part of the process is to check and purchase the fare for the section you will be riding before each ride.
Here is an example, let's suppose you arrive at Narita Airport in Tokyo and want to travel to Hakata in Kyushu while seeing various places.
Since Kyushu is quite far from Tokyo, if you have to calculate and pay for every train ride, the day will be over in no time!!! Haha

Japanese Train

So here's some good news for you.
There is a very economical pass that can be purchased only by tourists visiting Japan for sightseeing purposes with "Temporary Visitor" status from abroad.
Rates are
7 days: 33,610 yen
14 days: 52,960 yen
21 days: 66,200 yen
You can use most trains, except for some Shinkansen trains. This is a huge discount.

 For a trip from Tokyo to Hakata, for example, 22,220 yen is required. Round trip, about 45,000 yen. If you get off the train and go sightseeing on the way, the price will be even higher. But this pass allows unlimited train rides for 7 days for only 33,610 yen.

For more information, please visit the following URL
Have a great trip to Japan with a great train pass!