A New Way to Drink Sake

A New Way to Drink Sake

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How do you like to drink sake?

Chilled and straight
On the rocks
Hot sake
Warmed up

There are many different ways to drink sake.
I'm sure everyone has their own way of drinking it to match the food and the situation.

Today, I would like to introduce an interesting way of enjoying it.
It is a 1:1 ratio of plum sake and low-alcohol sake.
The sourness of the plum sake harmonizes well with the low-alcohol sake, making it very easy to drink.
The perfect balance of sweetness and sourness makes it possible to drink as many times as you like.

It is recommended for those who are bored with regular sake or those who like sweet sake.

Plum sake should not be too sweet.

UMEKO does not add a lot of sugar to accentuate the sweetness of the sake, which gives it a sour taste.

For low-alcohol sake, on the other hand, we recommend something sweet.

Junmai 「THE」 is a low-alcohol sake that has more of the natural sweetness of rice.

The two together are an excellent combination.
Please give it a try!

See you in the next blog!