Find your fruits sake①

Find your fruits sake①

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In the last blog, we talked about "Ohanami," an event to view cherry blossoms, a Japanese flower that can only be seen for a few days in Japan. Please check it out😊!!!

Today we will talk about Japanese fruit sake!

First of all, what are the Japanese fruits that come to mind?
There are various typical fruits, but one of them is
What we are going to show you today is the Japanese plum called Ume in Japanese!

Although Japanese people are very familiar with plums, they are actually cultivated in only a few regions. Apart from Japan, Japanese plums grow only in China, Korea, Taiwan, and other regions where there is a sufficient difference in temperature from season to season. In fact, Japanese Plum is a very rare fruit in the world.

Japanese Plum is similar to plum or apricot, however it is a different fruit.

In Japan, Japanese people have long used Japanese Plum as a health food empirically, such as for relieving fatigue, antiseptic properties, and prevention of colds.
When eaten as is, umeboshi are very sour. Its sourness is caused by citric acid. Japanese plum has the highest content of citric acid among fruits, and it is said that one small plum contains two to three times as much citric acid as one lemon.

Citric acid thins the blood, improves blood flow, enhances immunity, activates energy metabolism in the body!!

Although plums are a fruit that is often avoided by people overseas because they are said to be too sour, they are actually eaten in various combinations, such as dipped in honey or made into jam, and when the exquisite combination of sweet and sour flavors is discovered, they are a super food that is both delicious and healthy.
And Japanese Plum goes perfectly with rice, the staple food of the Japanese people! It is also a classic in Japanese lunch boxes.

The fact that it goes great with rice means that sake, from which rice is made, is also a great combination with Japanese Plum!!!!

Umeko is a sake-based plum sake. While most plum sake is usually made with distilled shochu, but UMEKO using sake maximizes the natural sweetness of sake, has a lower alcohol content than shochu and other distilled liquors, and is brewed with the utmost care and attention to detail, using as little sugar as possible to emphasize the flavor and sweetness of the ingredients.

We hope you will try Japanese Plum Sake at our sake store, which is both good for your beauty and health, as well as being great tasting.

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