Our Phenomenal Gift Service

Our Phenomenal Gift Service

Welcome back and thanks for visiting the Sakura Town Sake Store blog!

Today we're going to describe one of our services for those of you who don't already know about it.

In launching Sakura Town Sake Store, we wanted to not only sell sake, but also to let purchasers know the thoughts, efforts, and commitment of the sake brewers. Therefore, as those of you who have already purchased sake from SAKURATOWN know, we have also enclosed a booklet filled with information about the sake you purchased.

And there is one more thing we would like to deliver. That is the sender's thoughts and feelings when purchasing sake as a GIFT. We want the person receiving the gift to feel the sender's gratitude and affection closer to the recipient. We started this service because we believe that a heartfelt handwritten letter is the best gift. How about a gift for a loved one who lives far away?

We've already mentioned it on our Instagram post. We will explain in more detail on our blog.

  1. First, spell out your feelings for the person you are writing to on a white piece of paper. Any language is acceptable.
    Write a letter

  2. Then take a picture of it. At this time, please make sure that the entire text is in focus to avoid blurring.
    Take a picture

  3. Please send the photo you forwarded to us to our e-mail address [info@sake-kampai.com].

  4. We then transfer the photo onto a SAKURATOWN original letter. We do this one by one by hand to deliver your precious thoughts.

  5. Your handwritten letter enclosed with the sake will be delivered to your loved one.

Shipping is basically via DHL, with delivery in 2-5 days for Asia and about 1 week for Europe and Oceania. We also ensure that products are securely packaged to prevent breakage during shipping.

In addition, the recipient may be subject to customs duties when exporting. If you wish to avoid this, please inquire at the time of purchase.

Send them words of gratitude and thoughts that you would normally not be able to express. And if you can't see them right away, this could be an opportunity to talk online or call them. It could also be a chance to make your relationship with the other person even more intense.

And we also sell original glasses. We are sure that you will be pleased if you give an original glass as a gift.

If you have any requests for more services, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form.

Have a wonderful day!!!

See you again in our next blog!