Sake Brewing in Miniature

Sake Brewing in Miniature

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In my last blog, I shared with you all a scrolling animation about the newest addition to Sakura Town, the sake brewing process!

You can by scrolling with your mouse on your computer or your finger on your phone, you can enjoy watching the sake making process, from planting rice to shipping the finished sake.
We will make this an enjoyable online site where you can not only purchase sake, but also come back to Sakura Town frequently.

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Now, can you recognize the scene in this image?
Yes, this is a scene of rice planting, the first step in the sake making process.
How are the soil and the rice expressed? Let's take a look at the next image.

Actually, this image was created using only products sold in Japanese supermarkets. We created this image using miso and green onion, which are very familiar to Japanese people!

By the way, miso soup and sake go great together!!!

We're still working on the cute miniature sake brewing process, so Stay tuned for more Instagram's updates!

See you in the next blog.