Japanese Sake-Themed Comics

Japanese Sake-Themed Comics

Five Popular Japanese Sake-Themed Comics | Deepen Your Knowledge of Sake with a Comic

Japanese comics are a popular form of pop culture that has many fans in other countries. The themes of comics are wide-ranging and can be about anything and everything. There is no end to the variety of themes, including cooking, gardening, child-rearing, school, pets, business, historical fiction, science fiction, sports, martial arts, entertainment, courtrooms, mysteries, and suspense, not to mention comic essays about daily life.
Of course, comics on the theme of "Japanese sake" are also published.
Some comics discuss only sake, while others deal with food and Japanese culture in general. In this article, we will introduce five popular sake-themed comics.

Five Popular Japanese Sake Comics


Comics for the Japanese are not just a "toy replacement" book that only children read, there are even specialized comics that adults can enjoy, which may cover difficult topics that children would be unable to understand.

Nihonshu ni Koishite

This is an essay comic written by a Japanese sake sommelier. 
It is a true story that spotlights the sake brewers, restaurants, liquor stores, and customers she has been involved with, and describes her encounters with each of them from the beginning to the present. It is full of the latest information about Japanese sake.

The author, Marie Chiba, also runs an actual sake store.

This book allows readers to enjoy Ms. Chiba's love of sake as she works to expand the possibilities of sake from her position as a sake sommelier.


This comic is perfect for those interested in microorganisms such as fermentation and yeast, which are also part of the Japanese sake production process.
It was first published in Kodansha's youth comic magazine "Evening" in 2004.
The comic details the ecology of the various fungi involved in fermentation, as well as how sake, shochu, and awamori are made and the current state of the industry. This popular work has also been made into an anime and live-action drama.

It is said to have contributed to lowering the average age of sake drinkers, who had been slightly older than the average. The comic was completed in 2014 with 13 volumes, but it is still a popular work with strong roots.


Oishinbo is a Japanese comic series.

It has been serialized in Shogakukan's "Big Comic Spirits" since 1983 and has sold more than 135 million copies in total. The main character, who works for a newspaper company, is the central character in the series, and the various themes of history, cultural backgrounds, and national characteristics are developed regarding gourmet food in Japan and other countries around the world.

The comic has been developed into various media such as anime, TV dramas, and movies, and even though no new episodes have been released since 2014, it is still a classic manga that is talked about a lot.

Japanese Sake is frequently mentioned throughout the comics as an accompaniment to food and it is featured in volume 54 of the comic, titled "Nihonshu no Jitsuryoku (The Power of Sake)”.

Sake no Hosomichi

Sake no Hosomichi, a well-known story among alcohol lovers, also features a lot of alcohol including Japanese sake.

The main character is a businessman who loves to drink and enjoys alcohol and snacks on his way home from work, on holidays, and in various other situations.
At various points, he talks about the alcohol and meal ingredients, and even shares recipes that can be recreated at home. Alcohol, meals, and snacks are introduced along with scenes from each of the four seasons, so it can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Serialization began in 1994, and volume 54 was released in December 2023.

Natsuko no Sake

It is the bible of Japanese sake comics for all sake lovers.
The author is Akira Oze, and this 12-volume manga was drawn between 1988 and 1991.
This work allows the reader to learn everything about sake.
Not only manufacturing methods but also the industrial structure, how the organizational body should be for manufacturing, raw materials, marketing, etc. Reading this work naturally deepens one's understanding of the various issues in the manufacturing industry. In particular, the work focuses on the challenges of traditional industries, and the author's strong desire to preserve good traditional Japanese products for future generations is evident.


The Japanese sake comics introduced in this article ranged from those clearly detailing the basics of sake to those that just make you want to drink sake. Nowadays, there are many Japanese comics translated into English.

If you have a chance, please pick up a copy and have a read!!!