SAKE and Japanese Hot Pot①

SAKE and Japanese Hot Pot①

There is a NABE scene in one of the scenes in Sakura Town.

Nabe are dishes in which meat, seafood, vegetables , tofu and other ingredients are cooked in a pot on the table.

These are many regional variations of pot dish with different ingredients and soup broths.

There are many different styles of hot pots (nabe) around the world, but the representative Japanese style hot pots are "Yose-nabe", "Sukiyaki", "Shabushabu", "Mizutaki", and "Motsunabe", all of which are familiar to Japanese people. It is not an overstatement to say that nabe is a traditional Japanese dish that is eaten with many people around the table during the cold winter months.

Today, I would like to share with you a "Yose-nabe"


Yose-nabe is a pot dish in which ingredients such as chicken, vegetables such as daikon, carrots, and Chinese cabbage, seafood, and tofu are cooked in a pot.
There are no rules for the ingredients, and you can enjoy combining various ingredients, and each region has established its own unique culture in terms of specialties and broth combination.

Sake that goes well with Yose-nabe is HOTARU.

It complements the flavor of all the ingredients well.
Please enjoy it with hot sake.
You'll be surprised how quickly your cold body will warm up!

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