Shigaraki Sake Ware

Shigaraki Sake Ware

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we introduced you to ONITAIJI's liqueurs, a new addition to our Sakura Town. Please try our new fruit liqueur, the freshness of the fruit is outstanding and will not make you regret it.

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Perhaps you have not yet noticed, but Sakura Town also sells items other than sake. It is the kind of sake ware that enhances the taste of sake. There are various types of pottery with different characteristics depending on the prefecture in Japan. Among them, we deal in pottery called "Shigaraki-yaki". 

What is "Shigaraki-yaki"?

Shigaraki-yaki is a pottery produced mainly in Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. It is characterized by its sticky, high-quality clay, and has been produced in a wide range of sizes, from small to huge. Shigaraki ware is loved by many people for its artistic qualities, such as "hi-iro," a subtle red color produced by firing without glaze to bring out the texture of the clay, "ishi-haze," in which ingredients in the clay appear as white grains on the surface when fired slowly at high temperatures, and "shizen-yu," a color produced by melting firewood ash.

Features of Shigaraki Ware

 The beauty of Shigaraki ware is the simple texture of the clay. It can be said to be a powerful creation that makes use of the richness of nature as it is. Its rustic taste and warmth have been loved by people over the years. Best of all, the far-infrared ray effect of the Shigaraki-ware clay mellows out sake.


Drinking sake with Shigaraki-ware will surely change your everyday moment into a special time. The Shigaraki sake cups we carry at Sakura Town are all precious gems! Inheriting the tradition, we combine the life of nature itself with the clay. In addition, we infuse the "playfulness" and "healing" demanded by the modern age into each of our pieces, expressing our own unique view of pottery.  Please enjoy to your heart's content the strangeness and individuality of "Shigaraki ware" created by the painstaking handcraftsmanship of our potters.

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