SAKURA TOWN is an online store specializing in Japanese sake
which was established in January 2022.


・Spreading exclusive Japanese sake around the world that no one has ever tried the taste outside of Japan.
・Offers high-quality Japanese sake at the same price as in Japan.
・Our website is made in a design where it gives you the excitement to look

All Japanese sakes we provide are purchasable only at our store!
Hope you can enjoy and find your one and only sake you truly love!

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What is Japanese Sake?

Sake is made by using a variety of methods and ingredients, and each sake has a different taste.
The brewing process is very complex, and even with a slight change in one of the processes can differentiate the taste.
Japanese sake can also change their taste by the its temperature, way of pouring and even the shape of the glass you would use to drink it from.

We would like you to enjoy the uniqueness and the rarity of Japanese sake by exploring your favorite glass and way of drinking.

We hope you can find your special Japanese sake on SAKURA TOWN.


Our Local Sake Brewery

There are many small and large sake breweries all over Japan, and many of them only sell their products in Japan or within limited areas.
We visit each and every one of these local sake breweries to listen to their stories, taste their sake, and negotiate to sell their products around the world.
Many of these breweries uses a variety of methods to make sake.
Obviously, the taste of each sake is different as well as the passion and the backgrounds that the brewer holds.
We do not simply sell Japanese sake online but also to send you the brewer’s passion and love they have towards Japanese sake,
Let’s meet unique and rare Japanese sake you can find

Sake Kura