The Best Sake For Date

Sake de Swan is perfect for sharing on a date

Sharing special evenings with your other half is essential.

We recommend enjoying a bottle of Sake de Swan together over a romantic date. It's exclusive to Sakura Town, so you can only buy this sake here.

It's also a low-alcohol sake, which means you can enjoy and share the entire bottle!

Impress with AFAP

When you first sip AFAP, you might get a surprise as it's unlike other sake that you might have tried before.

This is because it has an intense fruit flavor, even though it hasn't been infused with fruits.

It's another from our low-alcohol sake range and has a sweet taste that is easy to enjoy, as there's also a sourness that helps to balance it. While it's not your typical sake, it is one to help impress your date.

Liqueur lovers should try Onitaiji

Our Onitaiji liqueur melts in your mouth, like eating the fresh fruit it's made from. The smell will entice you to taste it when you open the bottle. Only the finest fruits are selected to make this drink, and they've even been peeled by hand in Japan, so a lot of care goes into the entire process.

As well as being drunk straight chilled or with ice, you can mix it with soda or even be adventurous and add it to your ice cream dessert on your date!

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Why Sakura-Town

Sakura-Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious.

While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality.