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HOTARU for Sushi parties

Sushi tastes different depending on its freshness.
Just as fish grown in clean water and environment tastes good, the same is true for sake.

HOTARU, made from clean, clear water and rice grown with respect for nature and completely pesticide-free, has a refined taste that enhances the sushi flavor.

Choose this HOTARU for delicious sushi!

Celebrate with "Bubble"

Instead of celebrating with champagne or prosecco, why not try another fizz with sparkling sake?

Sake pairs well with all types of party food, especially appetizers, and sparkling sake is no different.

"Bubble" is our delicious sparking sake that is easy to drink with its light and fruity taste. It's perfect for a birthday, engagement, promotion, or other celebratory party!

Serve Sake de Swan at your next house party

Our best-selling product, Sake de Swan, has a pretty design with its distinctive blue bottle and cute imagery.

It's not just the bottle design that will be the talk of the party, though, as the taste is also excellent!

It's a great option if your guests are unfamiliar with sake, as it's incredibly gentle on the palate, even more so than some fine wines. Be the best host with our Sake de Swan.

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Why Sakura-Town

Sakura-Town's sake has been carefully selected by connoisseurs to be truly delicious.

While each sake has its unique characteristics, they are all sake of the highest quality.