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Sake for the palate,
not the party.

Our sake, named "KAWA," symbolizing "River" in English, is meticulously brewed, with a special focus on the water's quality.

Gifted from the river known for having the purest water in Japan, experience the sublime taste of sake. This sake offers a refreshing and refined flavor profile, delivering a clear and crisp mouthfeel reminiscent of pure water from the first sip.


Tasting Notes

Savor its rich, pineapple-like aroma, enjoy the mellow yet perfectly balanced flavor with a hint of dryness, and relish the clean, crisp finish that lingers delightfully.

fukuhikari rice

The essence of sake lies in
the purest water

The Niyodo River in Kochi, Shikoku, hailed as Japan's purest water source, is where the essence of sake is perfected. Crafted amidst this miraculous stream, it embodies the epitome of fine brewing

fukuhikari rice
kawa bottle

Best Way to

How to drink
well chilled
small glass
Recommended dishes
Fresh seafood and light meat dishes

Sake Details

Rice Polishing Ratio(RPR)
Rice, water, koji

Kouchi Sake Brewery

Located in Kochi Prefecture in southern Shikoku, Japan, Kochi Brewery boasts a history of approximately 140 years. Surrounded by lush mountain forests and the blue Pacific Ocean, the region’s climate and natural environment contribute to the unique and incomparable quality of its sake.
Kochi is also home to the Niyodo River, a major river in the Shikoku region known as the "miraculous clear stream."
The towns along the river cherish this pristine water as a vital part of their culture and economy.
Kochi Brewery has relocated three times in its relentless pursuit of the ideal water source for brewing sake.
The sake crafted from this pure water is characterized by its clear and refreshing taste, noticeable from the very first sip.
With a light, crisp mouthfeel, it is both enjoyable and never tiring to drink.

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