Towards a New Future – How AI can be Used for All Things Sake

Towards a New Future – How AI can be Used for All Things Sake


In recent years, Japanese sake has, without a doubt, become a popular beverage among all kinds of people. At the same time, while Japanese sake is evolving with more flavors being developed for the expanding market, the market itself is, at the same time, being revolutionized by the latest AI technology. Let’s take a look at some new phenomenon in Japan, in which several latest-developed software – “Yummy Sake”, “Kaorium for Sake” and that utilized in the “Gekkeikan Studio” Project is applied in different scenarios, all for the benefit of sake enthusiasts around the world!

An artificial sommelier – a software that knows your needs

As we all have witnessed in software such as ChatGPT, the ability to communicate with us users in language have been one of the bewildering strengths of AI technology. Since it is possible for AI to “translate” tastes in language as well, it surely is a helpful assistance in helping us pick a Japanese sake that best suits our taste.

Let’s take “Yummy Sake” as the first example. All the user needs to do is to put in his personal feedback for the different kinds of sake he has tasted so far; from these data, the user’s personal liking will then be analyzed, based on which the software is able to provide suggestions of sake that fits that particular user’s very own taste. The user may even learn more about sake along the way as “Yummy Sake” is able to provide detailed information about all-things-sake in general, from how different tastes are usually described to how smells are categorized in the existing market.

The intelligence to offer the right choice in an instant


“KAORIUM for Sake” works similarly to a search engine for sake enthusiasts – simply put in a keyword and the software can make recommendations to you in no time. Seek and you shall find – no matter what kind of keyword it is, from something particular like “melon” to general description such as “sweet” or “dry”, you can be sure there are suggestions of sake which you have never tried before – and which you should probably have a taste of!

It is without question that the power of AI lies in its swift and accurate data analysis. However, it will be an underestimation to assume that this can only be directly applied to the consumers’ needs in the sake market. How does it look when the strength of AI is put into practice by the breweries instead?

“Gekkeikan Studio” Project – producing new sake with AI technology


“Gekkeikan Studio” is a new production approach implemented by Gekkeikan, a well-known brewery in Japan. In short, Gekkeikan is making use of AI to, first of all, help pick out quality raw materials such as the best yeast from as many as 800 types of yeast available at that timing, while also pairing it with the most suitable rice, water and brewing method. The brewers can also enter in advance what type of taste or smell they are aiming at for the new product, and the software can come up with ideas for a new sake with a taste that is ideal yet never been achieved in the market.

At the moment, while sake made under the “Gekkeikan Studio” project are sold in limited quantity, customers are welcome to provide their feedback through the frontend platform for the brewery to review their approach, and further their endeavor in developing brand new sake for the market to come.


Without a doubt, AI is transforming our life in scenarios big and small, among which include our consuming habits as well as drinking experience. Considering how much quicker the development of technology is going to be, we can surely look forward to all the new approaches and discoveries in the world of sake!