Be Addicted A Sparkling Sake!!!

Be Addicted A Sparkling Sake!!!

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Today’s Topic

Recently, there has been a growing demand for low-alcohol sake, not only in Japan, but worldwide!

Today, we would like to introduce "Bubble," a low-alcohol sparkling sake that is rapidly gaining popularity at Sakura Town Sake Store :)

As the name suggests, Sparkling sake is made to be enjoyed sparkling, just like sparkling wine. Compared to regular sake, sparkling sake has a lower alcohol content and is characterized by the umami taste of rice rather than the strong alcohol taste characteristic of sake, a sweet but not boring flavor, and a refreshing sparkle that goes down your throat.

We hope that people who have never had sparkling sake before and those who have had sparkling sake before will enjoy this sake.
For people who do not like to drink sake.
For people who do not like sake because of its strong alcoholic taste.
For people who prefer wine or champagne to sake
For people who want to try new sake.

Here is BUBBLE for you!!!
sparkling sake

The Choice of Sparkling Sake

Sparkling sake may not be well-known outside of Japan, but various sake breweries in Japan are engaged in sparkling sake brewing.
If you are not familiar with sparkling sake, please take a moment to learn more about it here!!!!
The greatest attraction of sparkling sake is.......

Perfect with any food!!!!
It is especially good with oily food, and no matter what kind of food you pair it with, you will never get tired of drinking it with its refreshing aftertaste.

Enjoy it in a variety of ways!
Add cut lemon or cut lime to accentuate the variety of flavors. Sparkling sake is said to resemble champagne, but it is the one and only sparkling sake. Find your favorite way to drink sake in this article, where we explain how to enjoy one of Japan's most-loved alcoholic beverages.

Why We Recommend a BUBBLE?

Let me now explain why we recommend this bubble compared to other sparkling sake.

  1. The rice used is 100% Yamadanishiki
    Yamada-Nishiki is considered the king of sake rice; it has a delicious flavor and is often used to make Junmai-Daiginjo. BUBBLE is a premium sparkling sake brewed with this precious Yamada-Nishiki and pure mountain water.

  2. 8% alcohol by volume, a perfect taste balance between acidity and sweetness.
    The slightly refreshing yogurt-like aroma and grapefruit-like acidity first pass over the tongue, followed by the gentle sweetness of the rice and the refreshing carbonation that leaves a clean aftertaste.

  3. No loss of taste when shipped directly from Japan.
    Most sparkling sake products generally distributed overseas do not allow you to enjoy the true taste of sake.
    However, BUBBLE can be enjoyed long after it is delivered to the customer as long as it is kept well refrigerated after opening the bottle. It also does not have the problem of losing its carbonation quickly, which is common with sparkling sake.
    BUBBLE is a sparkling sake that can be enjoyed for a long time.


We are confident that sparkling sake will become increasingly popular not only in Japan but around the world.

And may this BUBBLE, available only here in Sakura Town, be the sparkling sake that impresses you.
We have enclosed a booklet that introduces the brewery that produces this BUBBLE, provides background information on the production of BUBBLE, and recommends pairings for those who purchase it.

See you again in the next blog!!

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