Christmas Big Sale!!!!!!

Christmas Big Sale!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting the Sakura Town Sake Store today!!
Sakura Town offers a wide variety of premium sake, low alcohol sake, sparkling sake, and pesticide-free sake, and we can ship worldwide. You can see our carrying items from here :)

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and I can feel the excitement and joy of the people walking the streets.
What are you planning to do for Christmas?


Gathering around the table with family, having a good time with loved ones and friends... There are many ways to enjoy Christmas.
What is essential to make such a wonderful time unforgettable is, of course, the most delicious sake!

Sake is healthy, tastes great at any temperature, and enhances the flavor of a good meal.

And just in time for Christmas, Sakura Town is having a special sale!
All items are on sale until Christmas at a super special price of 20% off!!!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

SAKURATOWN will continue to share the taste of sake and the wonders of fermented foods!

If you have any questions, please contact us from here.

See you again in the next blog!