Denim Sake is Now Available!

Denim Sake is Now Available!

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Here's the big news !!!!!!

The coolest, most one-of-a-kind item released at Sakura Town!

denim sake

Denim Sake

Has there ever  such an amazing sake?
Not only does it look good, but it tastes even better than expected.

Here is the taste detail of denim sake.

"Made with rice traditionally grown in Okayama Prefecture called "Asahi," this sake is clean and dry, yet soft, elegant, and clear. This sake can be enjoyed warmed or chilled, making you take another sip and another sip before you even put down your glass."

Volume  720ml
Ingredients Rice, Koji, Water
Region Okayama prefecture
Alcohol Contents  16 to 17% vol.
Polishing ratio 55%


It is a sake that goes well with any meal and can be served cold, hot or room temperature, so please find your favorite.

About the Denim itself. 

Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, the birthplace of denim in Japan, is home to solid craftsmanship and sensitivity cultivated through the continuous production of apparel products.
Collaboration with 241co, a brand that continues to produce denim of the world's highest standard

After drinking the sake, remove the denim and hang it from your waist as a " bottle holder," "smartphone case," " pouch for small items," or any other creative idea of your own. enjoy your own original way of using this denim.


 Find your own way to enjoy Denim sake and share it with us!

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