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Well, as the title says OHANAMI, which is a Japanese word, but do you know what it means?

OHANAMI is a part of Japanese historical culture.
In spring, cherry blossoms bloom and people sit under the cherry trees The event of eating something to eat and drinking while admiring the beautiful scenery is called OHANAMI.

Every year around the end of March, when the weather in Japan becomes pleasantly warm People are always talking about when to hold OHANAMI.

People bring their own lunch boxes and drinks, and People sit on leisure sheets under the cherry blossoms and enjoy laughter and conversation with many other people. Because there are no walls between people, there are many opportunities to interact with strangers.
Some people may be surprised to learn that outside drinking is prohibited by law in some foreign countries.

And actually, OHANAMI has been practiced in Japan since the Heian period!
Japan has long been a rice-growing culture, and seeds are sown in the spring. They would wish for a bountiful harvest and offer food to the cherry tree, which was believed to be the home of the god of rice paddies.

And the most essential element of OHANAMI is sake!
The sight of cherry blossom petals falling into this beautiful, clear sake is very tasteful and beautiful. And the reason why sake is best for OHANAMI is that sake tastes great at room temperature.
Beer and cocktails are at their best when chilled. Sake tastes great chilled, warmed, or at room temperature. It also matches any kind of food.

The sake you should take to Hanami among the Sakura Town Sake Stores is

HOTARU is made from pesticide-free rice and is a low-polishing sake that does not waste rice. If you love the beauty of nature, you want to drink sake made with respect for nature.


This is a low-alcohol sake, so you can enjoy OHANAMI without getting too drunk. Even if you want to enjoy the combination of cherry blossoms and sake, but are not a fan of sake, this sake is a great way to start your sake life.

Cherry blossoms are fleeting, falling within a few days.
However, it is precisely because they are ephemeral that they fascinate people and bring joy to their hearts every year.

If you ever come to Japan, please come and see the cherry blossoms in person!

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