Relish Sake at a variety of different temperatures.

Relish Sake at a variety of different temperatures.

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When you drink alcoholic beverages, at what temperature do you like to drink them? Depending on the situation, season, or time of day, we like to enjoy our sake at various temperatures, such as chilled or warm.

Sake is a drink that can be enjoyed hot, cold, or at room temperature. Sake is a fascinating and profound beverage that can have different tastes at different temperatures. And each temperature has a different name in Japanese.

Typical temperature range calls are as below :

  • 熱燗(ATSUKAN)50℃/122°F:It means "hot sake" in Japanese. The aroma becomes sharp and a crisp, dry sake goes well with it. The best for hot sake along with No Nature No life which is now on sale in Sakura Town. Please look forward to new sake products in upcoming months, as they are ideal for Atsukan.

  • ぬる燗(NURUKAN)40℃/104°F : In Japanese, it means lukewarm. This is the temperature at which the aroma of sake is at its richest. When Sakura Town's sake "Hotaru" is warmed to lukewarm, the flavor of the rice is brought out to its fullest, and one could drink countless cups of it.

  • 室温(SHITSUON)20℃/68°F:Means "room temperature" in Japanese. It is a temperature range where the aroma and taste become softer. You will be surprised at how comfortable Sakura Town's Daiginjo THE is to drink at room temperature.

  • 花冷え(HANAHIE)10℃/50°F:It means "the flowers get cold" in Japanese. A figurative expression meaning "so cold that the flowers get cold. It refers to the temperature at which a bottle is chilled in a refrigerator to a temperature at which the aroma is weak immediately after pouring, but gradually becomes stronger as the drink is consumed. "BUBBLE," "The" and "Sake de swan," low-alcohol sake sold in Sakura Town, can be chilled in the refrigerator like drinking champagne before drinking to appreciate the original taste of these alcoholic beverages.

We hope you will find your own favorite way to drink sake. Sake tastes different depending not only on the temperature at which it is drunk, but also on the time since the bottle was opened. Since everyone seems to have different tastes and preferences, why not enjoy sake with your loved ones and discuss your favorite way to drink it?

And one last note.
Sake loses its original flavor at 78℃/ 172.4°F because the alcohol is lost at that temperature. When making hot sake, be careful not to let the temperature get too high. I'll explain how to make good hot sake in my next article, so stay tuned!