Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste

Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste

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Have you ever given a sake gift for your loved one?
We highly recommend that sake is the best choice for a gift.

Why is sake a good gift?
There are an infinite of ways to enjoy sake, and it's not something that needs to be consumed immediately after opening the bottle, but it can be left for a few days to show us different flavors, making it the perfect drink to explore the flavors you really like.

The label design is also very cute. You can even collect them after you have drunk them. In particular, the sake sold at Sakura Town is only available at this online site, so please take a look at each bottle :)

However, it's difficult to know what kind of sake to give because you can't imagine the taste.

So today, We're going to suggest the perfect sake for a gift, according to each person's type!

For sake beginners or those who like white wine with a sweet taste.

THE or Sake de Swan!
They are both low-alcohol sake, so you won't feel the strong alcohol that is characteristic of sake. Rather, you can feel the natural sweetness of the rice, and it has a fruity and refreshing taste like a pear.

How about giving it as a gift to children who have just come of age?

For health-conscious people who like to drink and are careful with their food.

Both are made from rice carefully grown without pesticides.
HOTARU has a mild taste and you can fully feel the original sweetness of the rice.
NO NATURE is recommended for those who like the dry and clean taste of sake.

We still have more sake to share with you, but let's save it for next time!

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