Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste②

Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste②

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In our last article, we introduced two low-alcohol sake products, Sake de Swan and THE, for those who are not too fond of the alcoholic taste of sake or who prefer a drink that is easy to drink like white wine, and two pesticide-free sake products, HOTARU and NO NATURE NO LIFE, for those who are health-conscious or who care about the food they take in, such as organic food.

If you haven't read it yet, please read this article as well to help you with your gift giving.

In today's blog, We would like to recommend it to these people.
For people who like liqueurs with a fruity taste.

These are not liqueurs that can be found anywhere, both are rare and precious sake-based liqueurs.
While most liqueurs are made with shochu, But these are made with sake-based.

What is special and great taste about the sake-base liqueur is that the original flavor of the rice, which can only be brewed with brewed sake, perfectly matches the sweetness of the fruit, and after the fresh fruitiness, the flavor of the rice can be felt deep inside, giving it a taste that you will never get tired of.
Once you drink it, you will be so captivated by it that you will not be able to drink anything else.

UMEKO is a liqueur made with Japanese plums.
Each plum seed is removed by hand, and only a minimal amount of rock sugar is added to accentuate the natural sourness and sweetness of the plums.
If you've ever had plum liqueur before, you may find it a bit sour, but it's not too sweet and you can drink it as many times as you like.

YUZUKO is a liqueur made with Japanese yuzu.
Using only the finest yuzu from Hyogo Prefecture, and extract the juice without too much pressure to avoid too much bitterness. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is a perfect match of bitterness and sweetness.

These sake-based liqueur is made with love and care by the brewery, and we recommend it with confidence.

A booklet with more detailed information about each sake brewery and sake is enclosed with each purchase.
We hope you'll read it as well!

We still have more sake recommendations that would make great gifts, so please look forward to the next blog!