Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste③

Sake Gifts to Suit Personal Taste③

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Today's content is It's a continuation of my last couple of blogs, recommending different types of sake for people' preferences! Please use this as a reference for your loved ones' gifts.

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This time, we recommend these sake,
For People who love Japanese history.

It all started with a recreation of traditional sake.
The brewer says, "It was about five years ago, when people were interested in sake made by polishing the rice to 23%. I thought, 'Why throw away the rice that the farmers have grown?
 In old days, the only way to polish the rice was to use a water wheel or treadle. There was no grinding as we do now.
The brewer continued to search for a way to make delicious sake without grinding the rice.

And the answer was found in an ancient document from about 500 years ago.

The method of making sake was written in the Tamonin Nikki (Diary of Tamonin, 15th-17th century) of Kofukuji Temple in Nara. In the diary, there was a method of brewing sake using six- and seven-stage brewing.
The rice is polished to 95%.
Nowadays, it would be made in three stages, but it is made in eight stages. Sometimes it is brewed in 9 stages.

The yeast used is Yamanokami yeast, which comes from the daylilies that bloom in the precincts of Nara's Ogami Shrine, where the god of sake is enshrined.

KAMIHOTOKE is a sake that is made based on a sacred book in a temple, using yeast from a shrine, and is like a fusion of God and Buddha.

Powerful and full-bodied.
A thick sake that goes well with strong flavors of food like strong cheese.
The good balance of sweetness and acidity will make you keep drinking.
It is an old, new, and "interesting" sake.

EDO shiran
In the Kansai region, there used to be a superb sake loved by Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. However, it took a great deal of time and effort to make, and the rare sake could only be tasted by those of high rank.

Oda Nobunaga, who at that time was thoroughly attacking the power of temples and shrines, liked the sake presented to him so much that Kongoji Temple was spared from burning down.

Furthermore, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country in 1590, loved this sake and it was indispensable to him.

This EDO shiran is a re-creation of the original sake, which has been perfectly recreated by researching the date remaining at Kongoji Temple in Amanosan, Osaka prefecture.

EDO shiran's sake metre value  reaches -100.
Although it is made entirely of rice, it is as sweet as fruit juice and goes well with cheese.

Here's a drink you can enjoy while feeling the history of Japan!
Giving these sakes as gifts, along with their historical background, is sure to please!

Both of these are precious sakes that you will never find in any other sake store.

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