SAKURATOWN interviewed by DHL!

SAKURATOWN interviewed by DHL!

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Our representative, Mr. Mizuguchi, was introduced in an article by our partner company, DHL JAPAN. We are pleased to introduce it to you!!
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However, since the page is only in Japanese at the moment, we would appreciate it if you could use Google Translate.

Currently, Sakura Town has partnered with DHL to deliver mainly sake.
The advantages of shipping with DHL are as follows
(1) Reliable delivery and above all, fast delivery speed.
(2) Customers can track their shipments themselves.
The above points eliminate any worries that customers may have about whether their packages will really arrive.

Mizuguchi, a representative of IKOI Labo Inc. and Musuvi Inc., the companies that operate Sakura Town, will discuss our future outlook and goals, as well as our thoughts on the sake business.

"There are many sake breweries of all scales throughout Japan, many of which sell their products only in a limited number of regions in Japan. Smaller but traditional breweries make sake with love and care, just as if they were raising their own children. After visiting breweries all over Japan, from Aomori to Nagasaki, and listening to their stories in person, I have come to wish that more people around the world would learn about the craftsmanship, culture, and dedication to sake. In addition, the number of sake breweries peaked around 1960, but has been declining year by year. On the other hand, if we look overseas, surprisingly, the annual export volume is increasing every year.

Why is that?

It is because only sake from large, well-known sake breweries is exported, and small regional breweries do not know how to export. I believe that if we can be that pipeline, people around the world will know and enjoy the depth of sake.

We hope that we can contribute to passing on sake to the younger generation. We have just started our sake business, but we would like to build it up step by step over the next 5 to 10 years. In order to boost our sake business, we would like to introduce new methods, such as making full use of social media, to reach overseas customers and spread sake culture throughout the world."

We believe that it is essential to incorporate your requests and opinions in order to make Sakura Town more exciting.
We welcome any opinions you may have, such as what kind of service you would like to have, or what kind of sake you would like to drink.

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