Summer Festival in Japan!!!

Summer Festival in Japan!!!

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What do you look forward to in summer in your country?

Summer in Japan is very humid, and it feels hotter and hotter every year, so much so that you can't stop sweating just after walking for 10 minutes. So going to the beach or river is one of our favorite summer activities.

However, we must not forget the essential events during the hot summer months. In Japan, festivals called "Matsuri" in Japanese are a staple of summer! In many areas, festivals are combined with fireworks as well!  There are food stalls that offer food that can only be found there, as well as booths where you can play and have fun, so there is always something to see and do.

Show them the food stalls that are common in Japan but not so common overseas, and the activities that are available there.

  1. Candy Apple

    ”Apple candy" is a fruit candy made by coating raw apple fruit with syrup or candy and attaching a stick to make it easy to hold. The harmony of the sweet candy and syrup taste and the refreshing flavor and texture of the apples can be enjoyed at Matsuri. In addition to apple candy, there are other variations such as strawberry candy, apricot candy, and grape candy.

  2. Shaved Ice

    Shaved ice is one of the most popular "cold sweets" in Japan.
    Even festival stalls use natural ice, and sauces include strawberry, melon, and other unique Japanese flavors such as green tea. They are perfect for eating and walking around. It will cool down the hot summer at its best.

  3. Goldfish scooping  
    As the name of the game suggests, the goldfish are scooped up with a poi, which is a plastic ring with a paper membrane attached to it.
    If you succeed in scooping up the goldfish, you get to take them home!

We hope you get to experience a Japanese summer festival when you come to Japan! Enjoy your great summer!!

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