Summer Holiday Notification

Summer Holiday Notification

Dear Customer

This is to inform you that we are closed from 11st-15th,Aug, due to summer holidays, customers who placed an order during this period your items will be shipped from 16th August, we apologize for the inconvenience.


This Summer holiday in Japan is called "Obon," an event of ancestor memorial services that combines Buddhism with the ancient Japanese belief that the spirits of ancestors who have returned from the dead spend time with their families and then go back to the heavens.

It is said that the spirits of ancestors return to their homes once a year during Obon, and we welcome them and offer offerings to them as an expression of our prayers for their peaceful return to the Buddha and our gratitude for their kindness during their lives.

By the day before the Obon holiday, preparations are made to welcome the spirits of ancestors. Lanterns, incense, fresh flowers, fruit, and other offerings, as well as sacred food (called butsu-zen) with vegetarian dishes, are offered on the shelves or at the Buddhist altar.

During this period, many Japanese return to their hometowns where they grew up and gather with their families for meals. Since highways and other roads are inevitably congested during this period, it may be a good idea to avoid this period if you are planning to come to Japan to visit.

Please understand that there will be shipping delays during this period.

We appreciate for your cooperation.

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Sakura Town Team