The Connection of Blessings and Sake

The Connection of Blessings and Sake

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In Japan, whenever there is a celebration, Japanese sake is always prepared for the occasion.
New Year's is one of them, where everyone gathers together to have a meal and the adults enjoy Japanese sake.

It is said that sake is a drink loved by the gods.
There is a word, "お神酒 Omiki", which means sake sacrificed to the gods. It is said that spiritual power resides in the sake that is served, and that by drinking the sake after the sacrifice has been made, one will receive the blessings and favors of the gods.

The word "Kampai" is also used when they start to toast. The word "Kampai" is called "cheers" in English, and since ancient times, it has been used to express the wish for people to be united in front of the gods. Sake, as the god's sake, has been considered appropriate for this important ceremony.

Sake is not only great tasting, but it is also one of the most auspicious drinks.

There is nothing superfluous in the sake, and it is filled with the thoughts of the brewers and rice farmers.

When we visited the breweries, we found that everyone was really working hard to make sake with love, and I hope that even one person in the world will learn about this genuine sake.

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