The Secret of Sakura Town Sake Store

The Secret of Sakura Town Sake Store

Hello everyone!
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Now, as the title says...
the Sakura Town Sake Store is actually hiding a few secrets...

If you think that this Japanese sake store is different from other sake stores, don't you just look at the top page and be satisfied without clicking enough?

You'll regret it if that's all you do so!

It's true that our sake store is quite different from other sake stores, and we recommend different kinds of sake for different occasions.
We also have a wide variety of low-alcohol sake and pesticide-free sake that can only be purchased at our sake store, and we sell sake with completely original labels that are fun to look at.

But that's not all.

On the top page of our Sakura Town Sake Store.
What do you see?
There are houses, parks, shrines, various buildings, and various vehicles running around.
Have you clicked through all of them?
If you've clicked on all of them, you'll know the secret of this sake store.

And whoever finds it will be pleasantly surprised!

You did find something good thing, didn't you???




Not Yet......?

NO worries at all!!!
Let us give you a hint:)

It's a vehicle:)

 And the key word is.....“Make sure you see it all the way through.

We want to bring you an exciting and tasty new world with this Sakura Town Sake Store.

We will try to do more interesting things in the future.
Please visit the Sakura Town Sake Store as often as you like.
We are always waiting for you!

If you have any comments such as " I want this kind of product! or "I'd like to see you do something like this!
Please email us at or inquiry form.

We are aiming to be the No.1 sake store in the world.

Thank you for your reading this far :) 

See you in the next blog!