Tips and tricks for trip in Japan Vol.2 "Car Parking "

Tips and tricks for trip in Japan Vol.2 "Car Parking "

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Following on from the previous article, I'd like to talk about a little travel tip for Japan!

Let's travel around Japan by car in this second chapter, the parking part.
As mentioned in Volume I, with few exceptions, most roads in Japan prohibit on-street parking. So what should you do if you want to park your car?

Here is the answer.
The following two are typical places to park when you want to park in Japan.

No. 1 (Japanese name: parking meter)
Parking mater
You may see a white frame like this marked on the road. You can legally park within this frame.
However, there are three points to note

1) Fees are paid in advance. Insert coins into the green machine seen in the back of the photo, and leave the sticker issued inside the car in a place easily visible from outside the car.

2)Payment must be made in advance for each hour of parking; if parking for more than 1 hour, be sure to pay for #1 again within 59 minutes and replace the sticker placed inside the car. Replace the sticker.

3) Most machines do not accept bills. Credit cards are also not accepted. Please prepare coins.
Don't have coins? Don't worry. In Japan, there are juice vending machines everywhere. Just change your bill at the vending machine, get some coins, and your throat will be watering as well. How nice, isn't it?

No. 2 (Japanese name: Coin-operated parking)
Coin-operated parking
In Japan, it is called coin parking.
1)There are two types here, pre-paid and post-paid, but most are post-paid systems. Fees are added according to the amount of time parked.

2)Before leaving the parking lot, pay the fee from the payment machine installed in the facility, and confirm that the gate under your car is down before you leave.

 can park anywhere within the yellow frame! Most coin-operated parking facilities accept credit cards these days, but be sure to have some cash on hand just in case.

Here's one little tidbit for dashing and smartly using the coin-operated parking lot with his/her side. If you see this word "空," there is an available parking space in this parking lot for your cool car. Most are lit in white or green.

If you see this sign in red, then unfortunately there are no spaces available in that parking lot. It must be a cheap and popular place. Let's just abandon the idea and look for another parking lot.

Red light

This is the second step of our journey in Japan,
Have a great trip to Japan!!!

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