Treasure Sake Breweries in Japan!

Treasure Sake Breweries in Japan!

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How was the series 1,2 and 3 of Tips and tricks for trip in Japan?
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Well, today's blog is not only for Japan, but also for sake lovers and those who love drinking.

Do you know how many sake breweries there are in Japan?

The number of sake breweries was at its peak around 1960, when there were about 4,000, but has now declined to about 1,400. Small sake breweries in rural areas are going out of business.


However, looking at overseas exports, surprisingly, the annual export volume has increased year after year.

As a Japanese, We are very happy that sake is gradually gaining attention abroad.
The sake production process is very complicated. Just one change in the process produces sake with a completely different taste. Even a change in the water used in the sake brewing process can produce a completely different sake. It is clear that the appeal and interest of sake is gradually gaining recognition.

Now, why are so many sake breweries going out of business when the amount of sake exported is increasing year after year?

The answer is simple.
Only sake from big, well-known sake breweries is exported, and small local breweries do not know how to export. And since many Japanese exporters only sell the best-selling sake, these small local breweries are in danger of going out of business without ever finding a market.

  • Sake brewed by craftsmen using only their own hands
  • Sake made by traditional methods, without relying on machines
  • Sake that no one in your country has tasted before.
Wouldn't you like to enjoy sake like the above at home?
All of the sake we sell are made in small local breweries, and each bottle is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.
We promise to make your daily life a little happier and a little more colorful with our precious sake.