Types of Sake Pressing Methods①

Types of Sake Pressing Methods①

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We have visited countless sake breweries and have selected only the sake that we really want you to drink.


Sake is so deep that even a single difference in the origin of the rice, the polishing ratio, the type of koji, the water used, or the way the sake is pressed can completely change the taste.


Today, I would like to share with you one of the steps in the sake pressing process.
Here is that introduce you to a method of pressing called ”Hanegi-Shibori.”

This is a method of pressing sake using the principle of leverage, using a giant tree (about 8 meters long) called a "Hanegi”.

The Hanegi-Shibori method is extremely inefficient in sake brewing and brewery management.
It cannot be fully pressed like a machine, and it takes a lot of time and effort, which is why there are only a few of them left in Japan today.
However, the process of not squeezing the sake completely prevents the unpleasant taste from being squeezed out at the end, resulting in a sake with a "pure" taste. Also, the invisible power of "time and effort" and love is poured into each cup of sake.


UMEKO, which is sold at Sakura Town, is a sake made by using this press method.
It is not only the plums that we are particular about, but also the sake used.

The sake is not too sweet, and you can enjoy the richness of sake, the gorgeous aroma of plum, and the refreshing sourness.

Please try it while feeling the love of the brewery!