What is ONITAIJI???

What is ONITAIJI???

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I have just returned from a summer vacation since last week!

As mentioned in my past blog post, in Japan, people go back to their hometowns during Obon and enjoy a family dinner! I actually went back to my parents' house to visit my grandparents' graves and enjoy dinner with my family! Every time I visit the graves of my grandparents, I feel refreshed. I hope that my gratitude for always watching over me reaches my family in heaven.

Back to today's topic...

Do you know what ONITAIJI means?
Well, SAKURATOWN has just released a new liqueur!


Its name is ONITAIJI! These liqueurs come in three varieties: white peach, yuzu mint, and mikan mint! You will feel the fruitiness of these liqueurs incomparable to other liqueurs. Please try them and you will be amazed at how delicious they are. Also, don't miss out on the great discount if you buy them as a set!

There is of course a reason for the name ONITAIJI. And it has a deep connection to the place where the liqueur was made. ONITAIJI liqueur is made in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Known as the "Land of Sunshine," Okayama is famous for its mild climate and pleasant living conditions.

And now for a change, have you ever heard of the Japanese folktale called "Momotaro"?



 An elderly couple picked up a peach that had drifted down from the river, and when they tried to eat it, a boy came out from inside. The boy born from the peach was named Momotaro (meaning a peach boy).
 One day, he heard a rumor that there was a bad demon on the island called Onigashima, and decided to go out to exterminate the demon. (ONITAIJI means "to exterminate demons.")  Momotaro then heads for Onigashima Island with a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant as his companions.
 Once on Onigashima Island, Momotaro and his friends are attacked by a large number of terrifying ogres. Momotaro, however, is not intimidated and bravely fights back, and with the help of the dog, monkey, and pheasant, he is victorious! The ogres asked Momotaro for forgiveness, saying they would never do anything bad again.
 Momotaro forgave the ogre and received a treasure from the ogre as a reward, and returned to his home where his grandparents were waiting for him.
Momotaro shared the treasure he received from the ogre with everyone in the village.He lived happily with his grandfather and grandmother forever.

As I explained briefly, this is a story that every child in Japan knows, which conveys the importance of facing difficulties with courage and the value of cooperation with one's peers.

So why is Okayama famous as the town of Momotaro?

This is because there are many traces of Momotaro and ogres that make one want to believe that they used to be here.
Besides that, Okayama's most famous fruit is the peach! With their dense sweetness and fresh fruitiness, many people come to Okayama every year to enjoy the peaches.


How was Momotaro's story? Please drink this sake [ONITAIJI], which is derived from that old tale, and let's get through this hot summer! Each flavor has its own recommended way of drinking, so please read the description on the product page!

I know today's blog is longer than usual, but thank you for reading this far! See you in the next blog!