Taste the original flavor of rice when drinking hot sake

Upon warming Hotto, you'll experience a smell similar to freshly cooked rice - creamy, buttery, nutty, and full-bodied.
The aftertaste is also pleasant on your taste buds, leaving you captivated with a strong taste of sake even after drinking it.

Warm it to between 122 and 140°F (50-60℃) and enjoy it slowly to appreciate how different this sake tastes as it gradually cools down.

Exclusive to Japan until now!

Initially, we didn't want to sell this sake overseas as if the temperature changes, it can affect the taste of this fine sake.

That said, every bottle of sake we ship at Sakura Town is smartly packed to ensure the temperature remains level throughout its journey. We also ensure that it is delivered fast to maintain the quality of this premium sake.

Upon receiving this special sake, you should warm it before drinking it to discover its authentic flavor.

Initially, the brewery told us,
"We don't want to export because we want our customers to savor this sake in its prime condition."
However, we were so passionate about this sake that we wanted to make it available to everyone.
Therefore, we developed a logistics system to preserve its freshness.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer it abroad. We invite you to experience the deep flavors and traditions of this special sake!

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The brewery's philosophy

We believe sake breweries should do more than produce and sell sake. We are also educating the outside world to the culture of alcohol made from rice and koji (yeast) with this traditional Japanese beverage.

Small batch production

Due to wanting to create the highest quality sake, we never cut corners to make the process more efficient, as we don't want to harm the end product. The mindset of our team is 'to take care of every grain of rice,' which means we aim to create a great-tasting sake. The way Hotto was produced makes it taste even better when warmed up.

Family brewed sake

We only buy sake rice from farmers we trust as we've worked with them for many years and know that the quality of their produce meets our needs. People unfamiliar with sake might think that brewing is the most critical stage, but the quality of the rice also plays a significant part in creating mouth-tingling sake.

Sand Label

This sake is brewed in a naturally abundant environment where forests occupy 95% of the area. To express the desire to pass down and preserve this beautiful environment, sand famous in the region was used for the label.

Our Feature

Discover unique, artisanal sake from breweries that prioritize authenticity and devotion to crafting delectable flavors, undeterred by efficiency or productivity. Our selection exclusively showcases the brewer's passion and commitment to the art of sake brewing.

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Pairing Recommendations


Warm Meal




Tasting Notes: Rich & Flavor



Serving Temperature: 50-70℃



  • Rice Polishing Ratio(RPR): 45%
  • Classification: Junmai Daiginjo
  • Ingredients: Rice, water, koji
  • ABV: 15%
  • Size: 720ml


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