Melon Essence, Endless Delight

With each successive sip, you become increasingly entranced by its velvety texture and the beauty of its lingering aftertaste.

This refined libation boasts a harmonious balance of intricate acidity and elegant sweetness, allowing you to indulge in its luxurious golden ratio of flavors.

The Authentic Art of Sake Brewing

Environmental factors such as climate, terraced landscapes, quality soil, and the blessings of crystal-clear spring water allow for a truly unique sake to be produced here.

The brewery takes on a determined challenge to transform meticulously selected rice into a sake with a gentle sweetness reminiscent of freshly cooked rice.

Efficiency is not our priority. Instead, focus on crafting sake with heartfelt devotion. It embodies the passion of three sibling brewers who pursue the perfect balance of flavor and aroma—perfectly paired with Japanese cuisine. Crafted to celebrate and share joy, KOKORO is perfect for heartfelt moments and shared celebrations.

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The brewery's philosophy

United by a singular desire to create the "delicious" sake we envision, we are committed to a meticulous and honest brewing process without compromise.

Harmonious Trio-Crafted Sake

The three siblings carefully prepare the sake together, eschewing large machinery and maintaining a small-scale approach to ensure everyone's full attention to detail.

Renowned Water, Exquisite Sake

Water breathes life into Japanese sake. The rich, rounded taste of Kokoro is determined by the nature and amount of water absorbed by the rice. The life-giving well water from the brewery, which springs from Mount Ishizuchi – the tallest peak in western Japan — truly enhances the flavor of the rice.

A Label Infused with Family Love

Efficiency is set aside in favor of heartfelt devotion to the creation of this sake. Kokoro signifies "Heart, Spirit, Soul." Allow this exquisite libation to warm your heart and savor the moments it brings.

Pairing Recommendations


Warm Meal





Tasting Notes: Light & Subtle



Serving Temperature: 5-10℃




  • Rice Polishing Ratio (RPR): 60%
  • Classification: Junmai Ginjo
  • Ingredients: Rice, Water, koji
  • ABV: 15%
  • Size: 720 ml


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Discover unique, artisanal sake from breweries that prioritize authenticity and devotion to crafting delectable flavors, undeterred by efficiency or productivity. Our selection exclusively showcases the brewer's passion and commitment to the art of sake brewing.

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