Unique Sake Labels in Sakura Town

Unique Sake Labels in Sakura Town

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Our passion for the label

Today We would like to talk about our original sake labels, which we are working on it with a passion.
Why do we place such importance on creating labels, same as we do with making sake?
There are some reason we put emphasis on creating labels.

①The label is the first impression of the sake.

In this day and age, a large number of sake can be purchased online. We wondered how we could get people to choose our sake and buy it. We thought the people would be curious about our labels and it would make them want to buy it.

All of the sake we sell is truly delicious sake, carefully crafted one bottle at a time by sake brewers who put a lot of time and effort into it. However, you cannot know the quality of sake until you hold it in your hands and drink it. That is why we are so particular about the labels to let people buy and drink our sake.

②reflecting the individuality of sake

Each sake we handle is unique, with interesting characteristics, the thoughts of its creator, and the background behind its creation.

We think about how to convey the characteristics of the sake in a way that is easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to relate to, and we reflect this in the label.
We want people to come up with, "That label is from this sake!" when they look at our sake. We want you to enjoy not only for tasting sake, but also for its label and background.

Our distinctive labels


The distinctive feature of "HOTTO" is the label made of sand. The sake brewery that produces "HOTTO" is located in Tottori Prefecture, which is rich in nature with 74% of its land area covered by forests. The prefecture is most famous for its Tottori Sand Dunes, the largest sand dunes in Japan.
To express our desire to pass on and protect the beautiful environment, we chose to use the  sand as the label.


HOTARU features a green fluorescent label that glows when illuminated.
HOTARU means firefly.
The water used for HOTARU is from the Nagara River, one of the three clearest rivers in Japan.

On summer nights, the light of the fireflies shimmer faintly in the cool breeze.
It is fantastic and soothing, like a constellation of stars scattered about. This label is designed to show such a scene.
We made this label because we want to deliver sake made in the great nature.


The "UMEKO" label features an old-fashioned yet cute female character.
The sake-based ume (plum wine) is produced using the "Hanegi-shibori" method, which has been handed down for more than 100 years, and we wanted to preserve this good old traditional production method.
Please enjoy the retro atmosphere that reflects the Japanese sense of beauty of the time.


KOKORO" is brewed by three male brothers, and the label is filled with "family love. The label is wrapped around the bottle, and when viewed from the front, the label has a deep look with the three brothers drawn on the top of the label.

The name "Kokoro" means "Heart and Soul," and the three brothers are named after the way they put their heart and soul into making sake. Please enjoy a heartwarming moment with this sake.


SAKE de SWAN" is labeled with a character wearing a swan costume.
It is low-alcohol and easy-to-drink that you cannot stop drinking once you have had it, you must be drinking it all up before you knew it,.
Drunken and elated by sake, people expose their true selves to the world.
This is the meaning behind the design.

These are some of our original sake labels!
From cute, cool, and even character labels, they are all unique, aren't they?
Our labels are created with craftsmen's thoughts, our thoughts It is all for the customer! 
We decided to present our labels in this blog to ensure that these sentiments reach as many people as possible.


These days the people display the sake bottle with the unique label as a interior.
Why son't find your favorite label and add it to your collection?

We have received favorable reviews from many customers.We hope you will find them helpful when purchasing our products.
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See you again in the next blog!